Monday, 20 February 2017

A New Year With Liza!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome back everybody...

 Kia Ora My name is Liza I am 9 years old and I go to Ruapotaka School  I'm am in room 10 and Im also a year six. I am Congolese from Africa . My favourite food is lollies, chicken ,meat, sweet corn and sausages. My favourite hobbies are playing on my iPad cause its lots of fun and playing with my friends outside but mostly I like  spending time with my family. My favourite sport is soccer because I always score a goal, touch cause I always get the ball and gymnastics because I can do different tricks and I can do the splits. My favourite subject at school is reading cause im really good at it and maths cause I think its fun. My goal for this year is to try my best at answering questions that the teacher has given me. I also need to understand the meaning of the text when I'm reading. My favourite band is little mix and fifth harmony because thy have my favourite songs are in there.

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Akesa Misela said...

Hey Liza, those are awesome goals. I especially like the goal of you trying to answer questions given to you by the teacher. This will really help you understand what you need to do with your learning. Well done!

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