Saturday, 22 July 2017

Back To School!!!

The moment  I walked into school I felt so happy and excited to see my friends and teacher, I feel like this term I will be Better than before!! because in the holiday I did a lot of maths and reading. My goal for  this term is to learn my 6 to 9 timetables.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Science Experiments

On Wednesday room 9 and room 10 did a science experiment on sound waves.We had 5 groups to decide what experiment we wanted to do. Mrs Riley had some props we could use for our experiment called chicken full of cups. My group and I used a cotton bud cup with holes on the side, wool and a Popsicle stick. We got wool and the Popsicle stick and we put a whole in the cup and then put the wool through the hole. Then wet the wool and pulled on the string. It made weird sounds.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Skip Off Compition

On Friday at the court we were doing a skipping competition the juniors started from year one to year four . Reality came first and Otolosie came second,  then Jacob came third
after the juniors did their skipping competition  the seniors did a skipping display to show the parents. It started to  rain so we ran back to class. The next day the In fitness time each student that was chosen from each class had a skipping competition, all together there was thirteen people. Meana came third, Fakaola came second and Limieti came first.