Thursday, 7 June 2018

Happy Birthday Miss Misela!!💝

Happy Birthday Miss Misela
Thank you for being a great teacher and teaching kids new things everyday, you are a very kind person, have a great birthday.💝

Buddy Reading With Room 1

On Tuesday we walked to Room 1 to have buddy reading with them. When we arrived, Mrs Pedersen gave us a buddy to read with. Peni, my assistant, and I were with Daniel. Peni and I listened carefully to the words he was saying.

One thing I liked about Daniel's reading was that he pointed to the words and he was trying his best to sound out the unfamiliar words he came across.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Hip Hop With Jess!

On Tuesday we had a hip hop a session at the Multi Purpose Room with Jess, our choreographer. 

First we greeted Jess then we went straight to the warm ups. The warm ups were quite funny because of the moves she gave us. 

After the warm ups we played musical statue. When the music stopped we had to pause doing whatever movement or shape Jess told us. 

For our sesson the song we danced to was Lean and Dab. 

When we finished the dance and everyone was sweaty and tired.

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Road Safety Week

Last week our whole school has been learning about road safety. My teacher (Mrs Golder) separated us into five different groups to write about this topic.  My group's name was Road Rangers, we made seven slides for each of us. Some students in the class made a survey about road safety. Mrs Golder and Mr Reid observed the kids who have been wearing their seat belt and crossing the road safely to win a prize.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Our Daily Fitness

On the first day of school we did running, we lined up in our class lines from Room 12 to Room 9. First the teachers had to spread themselves around the senior block to make sure we were still jogging. We had to jog for ten minutes.

Mrs Golder stood on the hill timing us and yelling at whoever who doesn't satisfy her.

When we finished we cooled down our bodies by jogging slowly on the spot, we also put our hands on our head so our lungs could receive more oxygen.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Duffy assembly

On Monday we had assembly at the multipurpose room.

We had a special Duffy assembly. The principle called for the hard working students to receive a book and a certificate.

Later on, we sang the New Zealand National Anthem. The prefects also mentioned how Ruapotaka students act towards one another. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

A Huge storm!

On Tuesday I was watching the news. I saw that Auckland was going to be hit by a huge storm so I prepared myself. A few hours later there was an enormous storm. I was terrified because I thought that something could have happened. A tree could have fallen on my house or the roof might have flown off so I snuggled in a fluffy blanket to keep me warm and relaxed.

 As I was watching TV I heard a buzz. Then lights went out. The television switched off automatically because there was a power outage. Suddenly, I heard weird banging noises coming from my balcony so I went upstairs, hopped into my bed and fell off to sleep.