Thursday, 21 September 2017

Running Our Goverment

I believe that Labour will win because some people want a women to be our next prime minister and Jacinda Arden will put houses in New Zealand so it is easier for people to find houses.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Monarch Butterfly

This is a monarch butterfly life cycle. It starts with an egg then it grows into a caterpillar. After that it makes its chrysalis and then finally becomes a butterfly. 

Monday, 4 September 2017

Receiving my iPad

On March the 20th it was my birthday. I walked to my grandmas house from school, with Agueer, Dakbai, Mary and DJ. When I went home there was a birthday party for me and everyone was there.

I was turning 7. I was at my grandmas house up stairs in her room waiting for her to get changed into a green sparkly dress with a see through black fabric. She wore a gold ring with a green diamond on top. When my grandma finished we went downstairs and I opened the door and when we stepped outside my grandma locked the door. I opened the gate then my grandma and I walked to my house. When we walked up the stairs my grandma knocked on the door and I opened it and everyone said "Surprise!".

I was surprised, frightened, nervous and a bit happy too. My mum told me to go upstairs and change into a white dress. I took off my blue shoes and went up the grey stairs. I went into my room because my dress was there. I saw it lying on my mums bed so I picked it up took of my uniform off and went to the bathroom to shower. After I finished showering I got a towel and rapped it around my body. I walked to my mums room and put lotion on. I put on my pants and some white shorts. After putting on my white shorts I put on my long sparkly dress with a silver necklace. I also had a bracelet that said birthday girl. I came down stairs feeling nervous and when I was walking to the living room everyone kept saying happy birthday to me. I got tired of it but I had to keep saying thank u in a happy way.

They played African music on the T.V and we had a apple T.V so we went on you tube. We had dance battles and I won two times and lost three times. It was time for the cake and my mum brought the cake out of the fridge and then brought the knife. She got the candles and lighter and put the candles on the cake. The moment she got the lighter and lit the candle I was excited and everyone sang happy birthday to me. I was nervous when we finished. My mum cut a slice and I was the first person to get the cake. When I handed it to every one it was present time. I was excited my first present was a pink water bottle, my second present was a colourful pencil, my third favourite was an iPad. My heart was beating out of my chest. I was so happy my mum said I had to choose one colour so I chose white. It was an iPad on air. 

After I finished opening my presents everyone left and I took off my dress and shorts and went to slept.

Scientists and detectives

There are many different types of scientist and they have a special skill they use such as observation. They are also known as detectives and do experiments to find new information. What I learned today was that scientist have experimented on animals before to see how they act.

I observed my friends to see what they are doing and how they do things...

Thursday, 31 August 2017

New Zealand Facts

I  have learned that in 1921
there was a lot of green trees, green
grass and a lot more fruit trees.

Now there is a lot more houses, buildings and shops.

Monday, 28 August 2017

How I would survive in the jungle...

First I would find a tree branch then carve it to make a sharp knife so I can kill animals and protect myself. Then I would make a tent with branches and leaves. I would go hunting for any animal like a tiger and kill it so I can eat but first I would make a fire and take off the skin so it's easier to eat the meat. I would then use the skin and put the leaves inside to make a pillow and I would go hunting for a bigger animal to make a blanket so I can keep warm.

In the morning I would try to hunt for a tiger for breakfast and make a bigger fire for meat. Then I would find a lake to drink water so I'm not thirsty. I would find a branch to make a toy to keep me company and distracted. I would find a cute and kind animal to play with and to be my friend and I would go hunting with it. I would have a shower and wear my long coat like a dress  to protect me so that I don't get sick or cold.

After that I would go hunting for lunch with my sharp branch and eat hot cooked meat again. I will find water and a fruit and mix it together in my cup. I will make a cup by using a coconut and cutting it in half to make a cup. I will smash the fruit in to the water to make fruit juice.

I would play with my stick toy to keep me entertained so I'm not bored in the morning. I would go fishing in the lake and shower and wash my hair and body so I'm fresh and clean after hunting.

There's a lot I would try to do to survive in the jungle.

Monday, 21 August 2017

What Is The Deadliest Spider In North America?

the deadliest spider in north america is the black widow.
A zebra PAC is called a herb.
tigers have the sharpest teeth in the cat family.
north america